Rugs Made with Passion

This is a story about a community of craft people who faced darks days because of their beliefs, only to emerged filled with love, determination, passion and art.

Check out The Khanke Carpet Factory based in Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan.

These beautiful traditional rugs are made by 27 amazing Yazidi women who survived ISIS. The rugs have got their own meanings and stories.The Khanke Carpet Factory is a part of International Organization for Migration programme to support these women and was established in 2018.

Sazan Gawdan, Senior Project Assistant at IOM told ZIV that this project is the first of its kind where all the workers are female. And this has a direct effect on women empowerment in the region.

But how did it all start? Where was this idea from?

Ms. Gawdan told ZIV that sheep in Kurdistan are known for their good quality wool but unfortunately, this wool is being burnt every year by the shepherds, because it isn’t used to make products and the cost of exporting it outside the country is very high.

This project doesn’t only transform this wool into a beautiful piece of art, but it also empowers these women to provide for their families and have fun at the same time.

Ms. Gawdan expressed that the handicraft in general represents the culture and tradition of the person who makes it, so these rugs promote the heritage of Kurdistan using indigenous materials. And that the handicraft is “the expression of our history and we must encourage it.”Looking at the handcrafts in the region now, we can see that it is fading slowly, and people who make traditional crafts are becoming rare as markets becoming increasingly full of cheap products from outside the country.

If you want to support this amazing project and add a special piece in your home:

Go to haanddmades on Instagram to check the different designs.

Contact Khanke Center for commissions and orders either by email:

Or via WhatsApp: +9647507950286.