Singlar, Tiny Things by Pinar Canpolat

Pinar Canpolat is an artist from Zazan backgrounds. She was born in Dersim, but grew  up in Istanbul where she gets all her inspiration. ZÎV met her during her second exhibition opening, which took place in Hawraman, a Kurdish restaurant in Camden. Despite feeling “the power of art” in her life, Pinar studied Public Management for her family. The day she graduated, she handed her diploma to her parents to tell them it is the time for her to study art. She then studied Art Design in Istanbul and talked more about her experience and her work with ZÎV:

How is to be an artist in Turkey?

The situation is getting more difficult, especially for the artists and for me personally. That’s why I came to London and started to paint again. However, I am not planning to settle here because I want to go back to my country to grow old there.
I have always had this worry about people’s lives in my country. Not only from a Kurdish perspective or women’s perspective, but everyone in general. I realized that if you don’t work hard, you will not be able to survive.

This made me realize the importance of art in our society, the importance of teaching children more about art. We have a vast number of women who cannot read and write, who have almost no idea about art, who have never been to a museum. Therefore, I decided to start a small project, taking groups of women who have never been out without their husbands and families, to museums for the first time in their life. I could see how this was the most fascinating thing for them to do and see.

Pinar Canpolat in her latest exhibition in Camden Town, London. Photo by Sasha Kuhn
  • Where is Istanbul in your Art?

I love Istanbul, therefore it is everywhere in my art. Right now, I am physically in London but my soul is still in Istanbul. My first exhibition was all about Istanbul but of course for my next project, I am going to do something about London too mixed with Istanbul, where I can show the differences between the two cities, and people’s lifestyle.

  • I see a lot of dancing in your paintings what does that represents?

I used to go to the cinema secretly without telling my parents, and from what I remember, there was a lot of tango dance in many of the movies I watched. I don’t know if this is something that has been stuck in my mind.17620209_1908655509405049_5706488984181736395_o

  • What subjects do you focus on when you paint?

Normally I am a very quiet person. But despite the fact that I am not very social and that I have few friends, I am very interested in the people in the society. I like painting people and their lifestyle, transport etc.

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