Here Comes The Bride

It is officially summer, the wedding season! I’ve already passed the wedding dress test and now it’s time to help all the summer brides. Are you ready, ladies?

Many women have a particular style of a wedding dress in mind, their main concern is how they will be able to find their dream dress and how? I will give you some tips that might help you in finding your wedding dress.

  • Don’t start with big expectations and prejudices, when you go to the bridal shop try many different styles – who knows,  maybe you will leave there like a Cinderella while you were planning to be a Helen of Troy.  Everything can change in that magical place. trying different dresses can easily change your mind.2L6A1687
  • Know your body. Today there are many styles of wedding dresses for all kinds of bodies. The most important thing is to know yours, the rest is easy. For instance if you have a fit skinny body, you can choose the skinny models which display your body shape. If you have a pear shaped body you can choose one of the popular “ball gown” styles. This shape of dress helps balance the body – putting the upper body on show while camouflaging the lower body with the full skirt. Suddenly you could look like the Princess Ariel in a Disney film.MC_09008
  • Don’t pick a wedding dress just because it’s trendy now. A gown should be timeless. You won’t want your children to look at your wedding pictures and say “oh my god mummy, how did you wear that!” Find the dress that makes you feel sexy and glamorous, especially if the dress can carry both modern and traditional elements and when you’re wearing it you should feel like a better version of yourself. This is your timeless gown, you’ve found it !
  • Try a fair amount of dresses but don’t end up being confused and stressed out. Maybe find a bridal salon that has the top three styles that you want and try to choose one. Most of the time, we end up by choosing the first dress we like, even after trying many.

Now I want to talk a little bit about my own wedding dress:2L6A1710

I have always had the blessing of knowing what to choose and what is good for me, so when I got married last year, I didn’t read or listen to any advice, I just focused on simplicity. Although I have loved the glamour of brides since I was a little girl, I never planned what to do with my hair on my wedding or what to wear before finding the man that I would marry. However, there was one thing I was sure about – when the time came, I wouldn’t chose something different from my personality. So when the time did come I tried to keep my promise to myself. Choosing my wedding dress was the easiest part of all the preparations.  Lace and puffy dresses were not on my list, – I wanted to keep everything simple including my wedding dress.  As soon as I saw it in a magazine, I said “this is what I am looking for” and when I tried it on in the boutique I saw that it was perfect and I didn’t even bother trying a second one. I trusted the elegance and the simplicity of silk, and I kept all lace details for my veil._MG_6291

Briefly, if you ask for my suggestion, I can simply say that we are women, we carry all the strengths and weaknesses, elegance and simplicity inside us, and the perfect wedding dress would be the dress that displays our personality and our true self…

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