A Brief Reading About Jaff Tribe

Jaff people are native to the northern and central Zagros area which is divided between Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan. Jaff tribe was originated in the year 1114 by Kurdish King Zaher Beg Jaff. The Jaffi dialect is part of Sorani, a south-eastern branch of Kurdish language family. The Jaff have more recently settled into a predominantly agricultural way of life and are often known as one of the most educated and highly intellectual tribes of the Kurds.

Total population of the tribe is estimated at 3 to 5 million people.  At present, they are settled mainly in Sulaymaniyah Governorate of Iraq, especially Halabje and Kalar, as well as in the Kermanshah region of Iranian Kurdistan.

Saddam Hussein’s chemical attack on Halabje in March 16, 1988 killed at least 5,000 people and injured or sickened 7,000 more. The majority of these victims were Jaff tribe members. Jaff tribal members are 95% Sunni and Kurdish with a small minority of Zoroastrians.

The Jaff tribe members have no restrictions on marriage with individuals outside the Jaff tribe as long as the families accept the decision. Other activities organized by Jaff tribal leaders include sports events, festivals, the Jaff cultural center in city, and a magazine publication. (Wiki)

The photos below picture the annual festival of Jaff trible in South of Sulaymaniyah, IraqPHOTO (917)PHOTO (1037)1PHOTO (1210)PHOTO (1363)PHOTO (1355)1PHOTO (1536)1Photos by Karwan Bashan: karwan_bashan@hotmail.com