How To Create Your Own Basics

Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to invite you all to break the stupid rules of fashion and be yourself. Do you want to join me?


_DSC6424editThe motto of my blog is a quote from the legendary Karl Lagerfeld: “Never use the word ‘cheap’. Today, everybody can look chic in inexpensive clothes (the rich buy them too). There is good clothing design on every level today. You can be the chicest thing in the world in a t-shirt and jeans -it’s up to you.”


We are voluntary slaves of the fashion industry –  they want us to dress exactly like all those bloggers and celebrities. But I say stop! We are not them and we don’t want to look like them.


I’m going to suggest how you can create your own style. Of course there will be inspiring people in your life; it could be a friend, maybe your mother or even a celebrity. We all need inspiration right? So wear the smile of your mother, mix it with good memories from your life and add self-confidence for the finishing touch. You are ready to walk with a swing in the street like any famous model! You are a unique woman, as individual and special as any you see in magazines.


Ok, ok! That is the basics! I hear you asking ‘so what are we really going to wear?’ First, don’t get stuck on terms such as classics, fashion forward etc… Don’t take other people’s ideas too seriously (even mine), don’t literally follow the dictates of fashion (or of life), just please yourself, feel free and don’t be afraid of using COLORS! This is you and you dress just for yourself, right? You are going to feel the difference; you are going to be YOU.


Did you ever see a woman in the street with a basic white t-shirt and chino pants, no colors, no stand out pieces, but she can look as though she just stepped off the catwalk! This is the thing, it doesn’t matter which brand you are wearing, it is you and your attitude that will determine how you look, not the price.

_DSC6459editWe as women, we don’t need to be ‘classic’ or ‘timeless’ we don’t need to prove anything. We only need to be ourselves.


If I talk about a bit about my basics, I like stripes, polka dots, geometrical patterns and I try to use them generously in every outfit. I like to mix them too. I love using colors and I love blocking them, red over green for example. I believe in its energy and I like its movements on me – like a flag streaming in the sky!

DSC_0090I also believe in the power of a dash of masculinity – like cigarette pants or white collar shirts if you want to hide your naughty side a little.

IMG_9258Despite the fact that I consider myself as a flat shoe girl – you could find all kinds of ballerina and oxford shoes in my closet – I am trying to raise the heels these days, just for a change!