Her Photos on Instagram Changed Her Life

Leyli Chupani, 23 years old, was born in Mahabad, Iran. She moved to Sweden when she was 10, and started modelling in 2014 while she was studying to be a nurse. Elham Azizi Organization have chosen Leyli to be Miss Grand Kurdistan 2015 and to represent Kurdistan in the next edition of Miss Grand International Pageant.edit 2The story began when she was on a vacation in Dubai; a photographer saw her photos on Instagram so he asked if he could take some photos of her, she accepted, and when she saw herself in the photos, she became motivated to get involved in modelling.’

64735_901149429903551_2643981222175608916_nLeyli told ZÎV Magazine that she had to “give up keeping in touch” with her family and friends on a daily basis, since she lives in Dubai now in order to try and achieve her dream.

Leyli said she is very open to working with the Kurdish community and to “represent another side of the Kurdish society by showing the world that we have more to offer than war and misery”, although she hasn’t received any support from any Kurdish side so-far.

Showing confidence in all her pictures, Leyli tries to send a message to all the Kurdish women to believe in their strength and to “encourage them to be confident and comfortable with their own bodies, and most importantly, encourage them to choose their own path and be whoever they wish to be and control their own future.”
Screenshot 2015-05-01 17When talking about Miss Grand Pageant, Leyli said she is very keen to show the audience that the pageant is all about peace in the world. “I honestly believe that the Kurdish community deserves a break from war, since we haven’t lived in peace for many generations. My people have suffered for a long time and the world has been silent. My voice is the voice of my people.”

ZÎV Magazine asked Leyli about the first thing she wanted to do if she wins the crown and her answer was a trip to Kurdistan and helping the victims of the war.

Leyli talks proudly about her down-to-earth side, considers her mother as the most influential person in her life, Audrey Hepburn as her beauty icon, and “Brad Pitt no doubt” as the sexiest man alive.

Her philosophy in life is to “make love not war” and that “wealth does not come in material things”. She sees herself 15 years from now as a happily married woman playing in the park with her kids.