An Otherworldly Landscape

Lapland is the northern-most region of Finland. In summer, the sun never sets, and in autumn, winter and spring, the Aurora Borealis lights up the sky. When Roberto Pavic visited in 2022, he set out to photograph the region’s otherworldly landscape. The resulting series, Snow Giants, shows trees blanketed in white.

Here, forests are transformed into something strange and unfamiliar. Birch, spruce and pine bend under the weight of the snow – as if sleeping, or lying dormant. There’s a sense of having arrived on an alien planet; a place populated by towering, cone-shaped creatures as far as the eye can see.

Pavic’s colour palette – awash with deep blues, purples and pinks – is at once calming and unnerving. It’s as if time has stopped. Traces of people are sparse. Tyre tracks are the only evidence of human intervention. In Snow Giants, Pavic takes us to a rare icy wilderness that remains, for now, otherwise untouched.


All images courtesy Roberto Pavic.