New Graphic Design

Charlotte & Peter Fiell
Goodman Fiell

The ubiquitous presence of graphic design can be felt in every aspect of modern life: everything is designed. This stunning collection highlights 100 of the top people operating in the field today. Developing technology has meant many visual communicators have moved into working with code and computers but not all of them focus on digital creation. NAM, a company in Japan, for example, instead creates installations and considers themselves a graphic / art collective.

The main thread connecting these designers, who hail from across the world, is their interest in communication through visual media and their emphasis on quality content as the basis of any great design. With over 500 pages of superb colour images, the canvases for the work range from book covers, magazines and posters to scarves, apps and music videos. It’s a beautiful study into the changing role of design in society and the photos are accompanied by insightful biographies of each company, as well as a discussion about the evolution of graphic design and the erosion of traditional advertising avenues.

Bryony Byrne